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Why Digital Projects Fail

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Digital DNA 2018

Why Digital Projects Fail

Last month, at Digital DNA, we attended a talk with an intriguing title ‘Why Digital Projects Fail’. As Agencies, usually, we like to talk about our successes and the results we can deliver for clients. The thought of mentioning failure before a project has even begun seems counter-intuitive, right?

But why does failure always have to be a negative thing?

In Silicon Valley, failure is seen as a badge of honour. You’re not a ‘real’ entrepreneur without a few failed start-ups under your belt. As the saying goes, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

We always like the be optimistic, especially when trying to sell our services to another business. Afterall they’re giving you their trust and money. We have pride in our abilities and we know we can deliver great work but every project is going to come with its own set of unique and unpredictable obstacles. So should we be preparing to fail from the outset? And how do you explain that to a client?

The panel all seemed in agreement that the most important thing with any project is communication. Keep the client in the loop, make sure everyone is on the same page and most importantly be clear and realistic about the project goals and limitations. Sometimes, a  project or solution can even be better having failed or faced obstacles, it’s important to remain positive about failure.

One speaker on the panel suggested a novel way of managing failure in a team. She would allow everyone 10 failures in a project. This meant when they didn’t reach this failure target they had a sense of pride and achievement rather than being disheartened.

So it all comes down to this, preparation for failure is the key to any projects success. No amount of risk assessment or planning can predict what will happen. However, if we learn to accept this, then we ensure that we not only learn from mistakes but use them to create something even better.

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