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The Digital World is the front-line of contemporary marketing, and the Audience First approach is essential for advancing your brand. Unlike with traditional media, your digital audience is in complete control of their own channels. They hold the power to decide what to read or watch, when and how it suits them. They can buy from all around the world, compare prices, read reviews, check you out and ask you questions.

What do they want? What are they motivated by? What will they notice? What will they ignore? What information will help them decide? What problem can you solve for them? These are the questions that need to be asked if you’re going to make real connections with prospective customers. And we know how to ask them.

We work with you to identify customer personas, meet them on the right platform, and then talk to them in their language. And we know turning questions into answers is about thinking beyond the path you’ve been walking along…

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It’s a fact of business life. People find you online through searching for your products and services. If you are there, on page one, near the top, you are in the game. If not, your competitors have a huge advantage.  You need to  be sure that the people that want to buy what you sell can find you.

You need effective campaigns that are tailored to your business objectives. You want those searching to take the next step nad click on your ad,  so you need to stand out and deliver real measurable results.

Have you thought about what your customers want to hear from you? Think about the conversations you have off line. Do you ask poptential customers what they want, or do you just tell them all about yourselves? Good content is created to engage your audience, giving them useful updates that will bring them along the purchase funnel towards conversion to a sale.

Effective email marketing is campaign driven, not a mass mailing. You will be selling different products, some to new customers, some to existing ones. There will be those that know your brand and those that have little awareness of you. Some will have been to your site, others may have seen a Facebook ad. Email Marketing is the way to nuture, to catch people at different parts of their buying journey. We build email paths for our clients to drive sales.

Your customers are using social media. You can get in front of them with ads or posts. Each has  merits, but both need to be created for the audience. If you are going to communicate with people in their personal time then you need to make it worth their while. What do you like reading? Stuff about a company, or interesting content that has some value for you.  Our work with clients is showing that content that is designed for specific audiences works.

Search engine optimisation, better known as SEO is a strategic digital tactic that leverages search engine algorithms to provide free traffic to your business website. In short – SEO ensures you’re business searchable via search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo for search terms that are relevant to your business’s end goals.

Combined with an effective content strategy, Navatalk can develop, build and implement an SEO strategy that will maximise your business ROI and deliver relevant, cost-effective solutions to improve your businesses bottom line. Contact us today.

Influencer Marketing is an increasing trend since 2016. This marketing focuses on the influencers of certain audiences rather than the audience itself. Combining user reviews of your products or service by a blogger or industry expert who has influence over potential buyers.

Led by Tim McKane the consultancy team will analyse your business, deliver a full report on your current digital position and create a strategy to improve your business in the digital world.

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