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We Are Digital Leaders!

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Last week Tim travelled to London for the Digital Leaders 100 Awards, we had been nominated for the Digital Team of the Year Award along with the rest of the MyNI team. We were competing with some heavy hitters, including the NHS and Lloyds Bank. And so to Maggie Philbin. Ex of Tomorrow’s World as she handed over the envelope to be opened.

The winners are MyNI!!

Lots of applause from the assembled digital people, from around the country. Up to the stage and a handshake from Maggie. The phone out, Tweets sent, photos were taken, all-around enjoyment.

MyNI was an idea that had germinated around four years ago, which we then pitched to the Digital Transformation unit of the Department of Finance. It had finally come to life just last year. From small acorns, the tree had been nurtured by a team that included Navatalk, BT, Neueda and Digital Transformation. 

The idea was that the government could use digital channels to better engage the population with policy objectives. Policies are introduced by the politicians that we elect, on our behalf, but we lose the connection along the way. Why are we recycling? Because they want us to, or because it is beneficial to us? How can we help people understand that there are things they can do to help manage their chronic pain, and they will not have to go to the doctor quite as often?

Creating content that is engaging, interesting and informative, hosting it on the website then sharing and promoting it on the social media channels is new for a government. Any government. Anywhere. Northern Ireland is taking the lead in developing the Social Web connecting with the Citizen. The future of MyNI will be that each person will see content that is relevant to them.

It is exciting.

We are thrilled. A UK wide award won by the team from NI. An idea that developed through real teamwork. An accolade for all the supporters in the Digital Transformation Team, including Caron Alexander, Emma Penny, Eileen Curry and Chris McNabb. The Navatalk team have all been involved, Jane Gillow, Jane Donaldson, Caroline Fulton and Somchai McCanny. Neueda adds the high-end tech knowledge that brings it to life.

We are feeling as pleased as punch, but now have a lot to live up to so onwards and upwards.

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