Innovating in Association with BT and the Department of Finance

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Campaign Aims

Three years ago, we approached the Government in NI with an idea of how to connect the people with policies, sharing audiences and delivering cost-effective government communications.

In early 2017  in partnership with BT, we won a contract to provide digital marketing and technical support to develop the innovative digital transformation project for the Department of Finance.  The prototype platform called MyNI was created.

In September 2017, we were successful again in winning the contract to test MyNI live with the public during the Beta phase.

We provide original content, animation, video, advertising on digital channels and strategic planning. Working on three areas, chronic pain management, food waste recycling and dairy farming, the results have already shown high levels of engagement and social sharing.

Campaign Results

MyNI is creating centrally co-ordinated, connected communications, hubbing around a website, promoted through social media and tracked against Programme for Government objectives.

We are in the Beta stage of development, working with a team brought together from two Government Departments. This is a completely new way for Central Government to engage with the citizen. The tone of voice, the type of content, and the outbound strategy are all new. We were often asked, “where can I go and see an example of this working?” and we replied, “You can’t –because as far as we can ascertain this is a first for a Government!”

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