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Northern Ireland, Brexit and Marketing…

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Brexit is a shambles. Even if you are pro Brexit there is no argument about that. Central to that shambles is Northern Ireland and the border with Ireland. We have no idea what is going to happen. The solutions that are on the table are not even mixed yet let alone cooked. These are the questions we need answering:

If a company is currently selling to Ireland and Europe, what is the potential for damage with a new border arrangement?

What level of red tape will need to be managed if exporting outside the UK?

What is the potential impact of tariffs on business costs?

What new markets will be accessible when the UK goes independent, and how will NI companies access them?

What marketing is in place to sell to new markets?

The only question we can have a bash at answering is the last one.


The new world of marketing is potentially going to help open up new markets. In Navatalk we are working closely with Euro Auctions, placing ads around the world on Facebook. Sitting in Holywood we create and target, schedule and manage campaigns in the US, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Australia, and France as well as the UK.

Headquartered in Dromore County Tyrone and trading worldwide.

Euro Auctions have added several new territories in the past year, and each time we support their auctions with advertising designed for their specific markets. We use translators to make sure that we engage in both the local language and English. Ads are also placed on Google and we are about to use Linkedin. Euromarkets may be headquartered in Dromore County Tyrone, but they are trading worldwide.

If companies are thinking ahead for Brexit, they need to get their digital marketing in place. The decision might be to trade more within the UK. If so. select the target area, define the target audience, and get your messages out there. If it’s Australia or Singapore, you can get your marketing messages in front of people just as easily. If there is a trade deal with Nigeria, get out there with your digital ads.

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