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You Are Losing Sales If You Don’t Get Digital Right!

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You could be losing sales every day. Here’s why!

I have been working in advertising and marketing for the past 40+ years. During that time I have had to adapt and embrace new technologies, marketing channels and business models. The media mix of TV, Press, Outdoor, and Radio are not gone, but they are unrecognizable.

But …

Even with my wealth of experience and knowledge, there’s one thing that’s clear for all business owners in 2018.

It’s simple.

If you are not using digital marketing to drive business YOU ARE losing sales.

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (stats from internet live), which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Those searches will include the products and services that you sell. People looking, with a mind to buy.

Is Your Business Struggling With Sales?

Sales can be classified into two simple categories, inbound and outbound. Inbound is people looking, outbound is you informing.


Inbound sales are the potential customer deciding that they want or need something. “I have a leaking pipe” “I want a bigger TV” “I need a new marketing manager” “I want a faster computer”.

The objective of inbound marketing is to be there for customers in a “time of need”. We call these micro-moments; “I want, I need, I want to go”.

All of these thoughts are potential sales for someone. And the place most purchasing journeys begin is Google. The rise of technology gives people so many methods of search, from the mobile to the tablet, to voice-activated devices like Alexa and Google Home.

If you are there, on Google, then you are in the game. At Navatalk we make sure that you are in front of potential buyers.

With a well-written ad, useful, relevant content on a landing page that addresses your customer pain points, you have a chance of getting that sale. You can compete with rivals on offers, price and much more. But if you are not there, you ain’t getting that sale!


Outbound marketing is all about getting people to buy something that they have not really been considering or ensuring they recall your brand when they do come to buy.  Outbound campaigns include website popups, advertising banners on related websites and ads on YouTube videos.

I didn’t know I needed an Amazon Echo but they told me I did, and low and behold, I have daily conversations with Alexa.

I clicked on a display ad, and then they remarketed to me with an offer.

I didn’t know about a new marketing software but I clicked to get a free trial, and now we are advocates and partners.

Outbound marketing is advertising used to increase brand and product awareness, but the digital difference is that the message I get will be relevant to me. Targeting the messages to appeal to unique audiences, makes the connection more powerful and personal. Clicks can be used to capture emails for further marketing. Even someone landing on your site can open the door to remarketing campaigns.

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