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Digital DNA – Great Exposure for the Digital Industry

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Digital DNA 2018

Great exposure for the digital industry...but who to?

Digital DNA is a fast growing dynamic exhibition and conference in Belfast that highlights the growing number of digital companies in Northern Ireland. From small to large, Big Pixel to PwC, Equiniti to MyNI, walking around you get a real sense of a growing industry, creating employment, delivering innovation and driving the economy.


And there has to be a but, but it is not a criticism of the digital sector.

Where were the businesses that are not getting digital?

The range of talks went from v high tech to presentations of how small businesses had become big businesses. Apps, the cloud, the threat of tech companies to traditional sectors, all were discussed and we were learning all the time.

The Navatalk team planned their talks, shared the responsibilities, reported back, and we were given some real insights. So were the people sitting beside them, but most of them were other digital savvy people.

The biggest frustration we all feel is that we are constantly having to try and bring the non-digital people into today’s world, and it is a battle. The people who should have been at Digital DNA were the senior people in business. The people who still say that they don’t understand digital, yet buy online, search on Google, socialise on Facebook and Twitter and network on Linkedin. The people whose businesses will suddenly have a competitor coming over the horizon that they never saw coming. Uber. Airbnb. Amazon. (read our blog on who your real competitors are)

So where were they? Sitting in their offices? Not thinking that it was worth “wasting” their time on such frivolity? Thinking that digital is for young people? Thinking that they have nothing to learn?

Congratulations to Digital DNA. Black marks for all those that missed an opportunity to take inspiration and ideas from a well-run conference.

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