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5 Insider Warnings from Hubspot’s VP of Marketing

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Digital DNA 2018

5 Insider Warnings from Hubspot's VP of Marketing

The marketing landscape in the digital world is perpetually changing, always moved by innovation in a customer first era.

The team at Navatalk we’re so inspired by the Digital DNA 2018 keynote from HubSpot’s VP of Marketing, Kieran Flanagan (@searchBrat – Twitter) we’ve summarised it into 5 actionable tips to help future proof your business.

  • 1. Adopt New Platforms

    Research shows that early adopters of new business platforms lead their competition. It is important to spot new trends in your market and adopt new technologies to both enhance business performance and enhance customer experiences for your product or service.

    For example, AI (artificial intelligence) analytics is becoming more prevalent in daily business processes, providing larger data sets, more efficiently and delivering business insights like automated customer behavioural analysis.

  • 2. Adopt New Content Types

    As cliche as it sounds many businesses have yet to adopt new content types. Buffer reported that 100 Million hours (yes, that’s correct) of video content is watched on Facebook – daily.

    If you haven’t started getting with the program, then now’s the time to think about how your marketing strategy aligns with the needs of your customers. Consider where and how your customers process information in order to better understand their needs and deliver exceptional brand experiences in their “moment of need”.

  • 3. Customer First Search Approach

    The key takeaway here is NOT to produce marketing content based on what you think your customers want but to produce content that your customers NEED.

    Produce engaging marketing content that addresses customer needs. If they want informational, transactional or directional information then make sure you address those pain points. Integrate with your SEO department/specialist and ensure content is optimised in line with data backed analytics.

  • 4. Integrated Technologies Are On The Rise

    Mobile technology has made us lazy. It’s a simple fact. People expect instant gratification when they need information. So much so, that customers who don’t receive it are less likely to return to that brand.

    What’s the solution? Chat bots are on the rise. Chat bots offer an effective, instant means of interacting with customers. They can be programmed to be personal and move potential leads down the sales funnel. Are you using chat bots?

  • 5. Innovate Products For Customers

    Look for new and innovative ways to develop and introduce new features into your products or service that matches customer intent.

    For example – PandaDoc, document management software company wanted to grow through online search but discovered that potential customers didn’t search for “Document Management Services”.

    Rather, they noticed potential customers searched for templates like CV templates, proposal templates etc.

    In response to this, they launched a brand new template service that matched the intent of their target audience and encouraged people to sign up for their premium service. In return, premium subscribers had unlimited access to a host of document templates while PandaDoc acquired new customers.

If you’d like help with the digital transformation process give us a call today!

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