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Your website is just not cutting it!

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Wake up - the world is digital and your website is just not cutting it!

What websites do you go to out of choice? The ones that really get you engaged? Social media? News channels? Sport?

Of course, if you are interested in buying something you will seek out sites that have that product, and people browse retail sites for fun. But what about your own company site? How often do you actually look at it? If you are an owner or an employee what is there that might bring you to have a look at yourselves online?

Not a lot I’ll bet.

It is more than likely a brochure. And if you have a company brochure printed, you will look at it a few times when it arrives from the printer, then put it aside and forget about it. SO that is where has all this tech has brought our marketing. A brochure that we look at on a screen rather than paper.


Your website has the capacity to be so much more.

  • It can be updated whenever you want to say something new.

  • It can carry content that is actually interesting and relevant to your potential customers, the main source of your traffic.

  • You can add video updates.

  • You can impress with your knowledge of the market that you swim in.

  • You can push out interesting content through your social channels that will bring people to your site.

  • You can respond to queries.

  • You can let people get to know you and your business, show them the human side.

Go and have a look at your website, and a few others in your market sector, They are all pretty much the same. Sure the design is different, but is there anything that stands out apart from that?

The world is not going to change and companies are not going to dump the internet. The opposite is going to happen. It is here to stay, and it is already changing. Forget the term website. You own a media channel, so isn’t it about time you started thinking about how to use it to deliver results?

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