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Digital DNA – Who are your real competitors? Lessons from Danske Bank

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Digital DNA 2018

Business 2.0 by Søren Rode Andreasen - Chief Digital Officer at Danske Bank

This was Navatalk’s first year at Digital DNA, eager to know what it’s all about and if we’d learn a thing or two, we started the morning by listening to Søren Rode Andreasen’s talk about how Danske Bank is approaching this digital future that we’re all facing, and it was very insightful indeed.

Danske Bank’s approach is to “evolve from a traditional bank to a bank with IT at its core, with the ultimate ambition of becoming a software company with a banking license”

This got us thinking, who really are our competitors?

Are they the company/shop/agency who offer the same service or product as us or are they tech and digitalised companies who can offer our service as a secondary business.

Did Toy’s R Us go out of business because of Smyths and Hamley’s?  No, but they did because the tech giant Amazon started selling toys online.

More and more tech companies are getting banking and other business licenses and they’re the fear for the high street shops. Who are your competitors and are you doing enough in 2018 to compete with the evolving digitalised companies?

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